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University of Seville Library Guide for International Students


Welcome to the University of Seville Library (BUS)

 The University of Seville Library (BUS) is a learning, teaching and research resources centre; it provides access to books, magazines and other scientific and technical information resources, as well as areas and facilities for reading, learning, teaching and research.


This guide will help international students to find information about resources and services available at University of Seville Library.

The Library has 17 service points distributed throughout the different campuses of the University. Access its facilities and the Library's print and digital collection.

The Library opens uninterruptedly from Monday to Friday from:

08:00 21:00

During exam periods, it extends its hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

Check the schedules here.

Printers, copiers, and scanners

The Library has self-service photocopying machines, self-service printers and scanners that allow the reproduction of works deposited in the Library, depending on the characteristics of the document. This reproduction must always be made for teaching and research purposes and in accordance with current legislation.


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